WORKOUT DAY 2/4 – Deadlifts

I always start with my heaviest lifts and on deadlift day it’s
– you guessed it – deadlifts.

Deadlifts – I
like to do 3-4 warm up sets before my working sets.  For my working sets I like to do 3-6 reps for
4 sets.

Cardio squats – I
don’t do heavy squats on deadlift day. I do lower weights (about 75%) with
higher reps.

               1 warm
up set for 8-10 reps

working sets for 8-10 reps with 30-45 seconds between sets

This workout day is definitely a shorter one, but it’s
incredibly tiring so it definitely feels longer. If I have any energy left, I
add some extra leg work like hip thrusts, hip abduction, or glute kickbacks.