Maintaining your fitness while traveling

Travelling used to wipe me out and I’d feel like crap, but after doing these things, travelling isn’t so bad and I can bounce back into my regular schedule a lot easier.


It’ll make you feel better after sitting all day and it’ll help get your blood flowing. You can seriously do this anywhere, so it’s an easy one.

-Stay Hydrated

Carry an empty water bottle with you. You can fill it up once you’re through security. I used to purposely dehydrate myself so I wouldn’t have to pee while travelling. I used to feel like absolute garbage the whole trip and I’d wonder why. Bonus: It’s cost efficient.

-Pack Healthy Snacks

I used to not pack any snacks and just eat what was available in the airport. Airport food is expensive as heck and healthy options are few and far between. Again, cost efficient.

-Do Light Workouts

Sometimes hotels have fitness centres that are actually decent, so if you have access to one, by all means go have a great workout. A lot of the hotels have a “fitness centre” that’s really a treadmill and a couple dumbbells. 

When you don’t have many options, you can do body weight exercises or a light workout. You can even do it in your room. Any workout is better than no workout. Get the blood moving and get your energy up.