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Mix up your food

I get it. Meal prepping is hard.

Do you know what’s even harder? Eating the same meal for lunch and dinner all week.

Meal prep a couple things. Have a couple different sides. Mix and match things into your meals. Prep different things each week. Have a variety of snacks.

A lot of people stop meal prepping or stop eating everything they’ve meal prepped (which is a huge waste of time, food, and money) because they meal prep the same 1 meal. And it doesn’t matter what that one meal is, because you’re going to eventually hate it.

We have a ton of resources for recipes. I spent 5 minutes on pinterest and walked away with 10 new recipes I’m genuinely excited to try.

Make good, yummy food that you’re excited to eat.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a boring, miserable way to live.

When you ask a fit girl

When you ask a fit girl

To share her food.

On some days I just eant to grab something and…

On some days I just eant to grab something and eat it,not even wanting to wait for an egg to finish cooking. Do you have any ideas (besides fruit) for healthy fast snacks? 🙂

Hello! Thank you so much for your question.

This is where being organized is going to really help you. Take like 10 minutes and prep everything to be “grab and go.” Have fruit and veggies cut up and portioned in small containers or baggies. Have dry snack like trail mix, dried fruit, crackers, whatever, already portioned in containers and baggies as well. Voila! You already have multiple snack options ready for you to run out the door!

I would also suggest meal prepping if you can make it work for you. I know it’s frustrating to do it all at once, but it’s so much easier to stick something in the microwave when you’re exhausted or in a rush than to try and cook a whole meal.

Hope this helps!

How I feel when I spend all my money

How I feel when I spend all my money

On food and supplements.

The print probably looks quite small. You will…

The print probably looks quite small. You will probably need to click on it to actually read it. You can also click here

When you try to remember the last time you wer…

When you try to remember the last time you weren’t sore

Or thinking about food and it feels like forever.

Tips for Being Healthier

I’m just going to give general tips for being healthier, not
changing your weight, because we all have different struggles.

Consider your beverages: 

-soda in moderation (if at all)

-juice has quite a few calories (use that info how you wish)

-drink more water
because almost everyone could do with more water. 

-if you drink alcohol, look at
what mixers you’re using. Some premade mixes are absolutely loaded with sugar. 

Plan ahead so you make better choices: 

We often make
choices based on what’s easiest or most convenient. You’re much less likely to eat take out if you have a
yummy, healthy meal waiting for you in the fridge.

Give yourself good food options: 

Be realistic. You’re not going
to eat only kale and sweet potatoes for the rest of your life. Have a lot of different healthy
options that suit almost every mood.

Be active: 

I don’t care how. Just move your body several times a
week. It could be yoga in your living room. It could be taking a walk. I don’t care.
Just move SOMEHOW.

Love yourself. 

You are wonderful. You deserve to be healthy
and happy.

I’ve recently started going to the gym a…

I’ve recently started going to the gym and working out more. And I am noticing improvements and I’m starting to feel more and more comfortable in my own skin but I struggle with eating healthy, do you have any advice?

Hi friend!

That’s a great question. First of all, I’m so proud of you for taking care of yourself. You and your body deserve the best.

Secondly, there are a couple things you can think about when you’re eating healthy. The first thing is to find healthy food that you like. For example, I don’t like kale. I think it’s gross. I’m not going to force myself to eat it and be absolutely miserable. I also don’t deprive myself of things I love. If I’m dying for chocolate, I eat some. I eat a smaller piece and leave the rest of the bar in the cupboard because I know if I sit down with a huge chocolate bar, I’ll eat the whole thing, and because I don’t deprive myself, I don’t “fall of the wagon” and binge eat a bunch of junk food. If you’re making yourself miserable with your food choices, you won’t stick with eating healthy. 

By changing up your diet, you have created a wonderful opportunity to explore new foods and recipes! Use this as an opportunity to find new foods and recipes that you like. This will also keep you from eating the same thing over and over and being miserable. 

Meal prep is also a great way to keep up with a healthy diet. Sometimes we eat junk because it’s the easiest option, but if you have a yummy healthy option ready for you in the fridge, you’re much less likely to go for junk. 

Good luck on your healthy journey! I’m already proud of you.

When you love that fitness life

When you love that fitness life

But you keep thinking about food even when you’re not hungry.

saxofficial: Nowadays every meal gets bigger …


Nowadays every meal gets bigger and bigger. Therefore, we completely lost track of what a normal portion size should be.

In this video I will give 5 tips on how to to reduce your portion sizes based on the nutrients you need to consume without starving yourself.

Give it a try and tell me what you think: