Category: meme

me back then: come train with me.

friend back then: nope.

friend now: gym closed? that’s crazy, I wanted to start working out.

At home workout day 1 vs.

At home workout day 14.

How to get her

Attention in 2020.

Me: can’t wait for the gym to reopen

Friend: I have a home gym.

How I try to stack on track

With my fitness goals in quarantine.

Training at the gym vs.

Training at home.

Checking my temperature lately

Hungry and still so far from your body goals.

Me who just ate 5 mins ago vs.

Another meal, my stomach and my non existent abs.

I’m not overeating

I’m just bulking 365 days a year.

Me eating 8 meals a day Vs. body goals

And a 15 min home workout.